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About Us

The Beginning…

The development of Top Baker is beginning from SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Top Baker established during October 2008; it is subsidiary of SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Top Baker has long started producing homemade recipe bakery goods including cakes, bread and cookies. Today, we was expanded our factory next to our head company, SDS. Our new factory situated at Kempas, Johor Bahru which cover 46530 X 2.5m²

What we do?

We act as supplier and wholesaler for more than 50 hypermarkets include, Seng Song Singapore, Giant, Cold Storage, and others retail store. Besides, we also involve in international exportation of bakery goods such as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and others. We provide the most competitive price for target prospect.

Our factory is 24hour operation. In order to make sure our product is fresh deliver, we have prepare over 100 Lorries to deliver our product daily. There are more than 500 loyalty employees working with us to make sure our product is produce freshly and deliver to destination on time.

Our Products

We produce high quality of bakery goods including white bread, mini cup cakes, dinner bun, muffins, and others. We package each product with several of size and flavours to fulfill market needs. Our products are fresh produced daily and we are stress in maintaining quality control. During festival season, we are also produce bakery goods like mooncakes to export oversea area.


Future Development

We aim to produces more innovative new products to meet market needs. Other than that, we will continuous expand our business internationally.

Mission Statement

“Strive for excellence in product quality and innovation, customer satisfaction and personnel development.”